My FANifesto


I very much agree with Brad’s sentiment , and that’s why I got involved with the whole Sad Puppies movement. I want to help “save the soul” of Science Fiction, at all levels, and not let it become the dull, gray, and warped tool of the politically correct SMOFs , Social Justice Warriors, and would be social engineers. I want to preserve it’s artistry, fun, freedom of expression and true diversity of ideas.

Brad R. Torgersen

Having read my friend Rob’s delightful piece this morning, I thought I’d follow; with a few thoughts of my own.

I am a fan.

I never needed to go to cons to prove it.

I also never had to pass a fan knowledge or political litmus test.

I became a fan the moment Apollo and Starbuck first hit their TURBO buttons and blasted out of the Galactica’s launch tubes.

I became a fan because the crew of the Phoenix daily saved Earth from the plots of Zoltar, and planet Spectra.

I became a fan because Lando said “Punch it!” and Luke brazenly challenged Vader thus: “You’ll find I’m full of surprises!”

I became a fan because Admiral Kirk looked into the viewscreen and taunted, “I’m laughing at the superior intellect.”

I became a fan because Lynda Carter captivated, as Princess Diana.

I became a fan because Erin Gray was…

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