My FANifesto


I very much agree with Brad’s sentiment , and that’s why I got involved with the whole Sad Puppies movement. I want to help “save the soul” of Science Fiction, at all levels, and not let it become the dull, gray, and warped tool of the politically correct SMOFs , Social Justice Warriors, and would be social engineers. I want to preserve it’s artistry, fun, freedom of expression and true diversity of ideas.

Brad R. Torgersen

Having read my friend Rob’s delightful piece this morning, I thought I’d follow; with a few thoughts of my own.

I am a fan.

I never needed to go to cons to prove it.

I also never had to pass a fan knowledge or political litmus test.

I became a fan the moment Apollo and Starbuck first hit their TURBO buttons and blasted out of the Galactica’s launch tubes.

I became a fan because the crew of the Phoenix daily saved Earth from the plots of Zoltar, and planet Spectra.

I became a fan because Lando said “Punch it!” and Luke brazenly challenged Vader thus: “You’ll find I’m full of surprises!”

I became a fan because Admiral Kirk looked into the viewscreen and taunted, “I’m laughing at the superior intellect.”

I became a fan because Lynda Carter captivated, as Princess Diana.

I became a fan because Erin Gray was…

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Black Kat RaceQueen art process Part 2


This the second part of sharing my work process. At this step I’ve added the base colors after cleaning up the line art and putting on her other hand. I use a good sized sketch pad and the whole image doesn’t fit on the scanner, so I have to scan the image in sections and put it together during clean-up. Her base colors are done, and since she’s going to be wearing white vinyl Go-Go boots I’ve left them white. Tones and shading are next.…

Black Kat RaceQueen art process Part 1


I set up the “Artraccoon’s Hidden Fortress”, waaaaaaay back in 2012, and didn’t do anything with it. Well, Today that changes, and what better way to make that change than to share my series of “art process” posts that I been doing over on Facebook and Deviant Art.  As time goes on expect more postings on artwork I’m doing, SF in general, my support of the “Sad Puppies” Hugo campaign, and the occasional position statement.

I thought that I’d share with everyone a step-by-step process of my way of working. There’s nothing great or really special about how I do things, but it might help some starting artists, inspire others, and be of general interest to folks to see what’s all involved.  The piece I’m doing is of an SF racing spacecraft with the team’s race queen sitting on the craft’s nose. Since she’s the focus, I’ll work on her first. I do a rough in BiC pen of the whole scene( on the left ) and from that I make a larger image in pencil, work out the details, then ink the image( on the right ). The line art gets cleaned up in Photoshop and readied for the next step.   I started posting this series at my Facebook page, and that’s where they will appear first…so pay me a visit, and Like whatcha see!  :)