The Artraccoon at WordPress


The Artraccoon has arrived at WordPress to start a blog.  Not that this is a world impacting event or anything, but a way for me to share my views, activities, and interests with those that may be interested.

I’m a illustrator known mostly for his artwork for the A-Kon anime convention’s badges and staff t-shirt…aka “The Badge Art Guy”, something I’ve been doing for a long, long time. I’m an “old school anime” kinda artist that prefers science-fiction, fantasy, and pin-up type subjects. There are other areas of art that interest me as well besides “anime & manga” subjects, and I’ll be sharing some of intrests as well will y’all.  I’m a Texan (naturalized since 1970), a history nut, a geopolitics junky, book horder, and a fan of science and the study of nature.  My politics run to the Right( so far to the right, that any more so and I’d be driving around in a black van ranting over a loudspeaker),  I have a love for Western Civilization and protecting Judeo-Christian values.  My roomate is Togo, a wolf hybrid named for a Japanese admiral from the Russo-Japanese War, he’s very sweet and very spoiled.  My home quarters a whole army…in 6mm scale…and it keeps growing.  Of course I’m an SF fan/nerd, collect & build models, and as said earlier hord books…anime books, history books, science books, comic books, manga, military books, and art books. I play and do work on role playing and war games, but not too much into computer games( but I love “Command & Conquer” & “Panzer General”).

This blog will be a place for me to share whats going on with my art, my interests, my opinions, and perhaps at times be my “black Uyoku van” from which to rant from.